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Henry Nicholas supported the planting of 1.9 hectares of wildflowers in Bristol across 2022-2023


Since 1940 the UK has lost ninety seven percent of it’s flower rich meadows and hundreds of its pollinator species are in decline. Wildflowers are beneficial to our well-being, and critical for all pollinating insects.

Throughout 2023, Henry nicholas partnered with GreenTheUK to help support a solution to the above problem by restoring local B-Lines – a network of insect pathways rich in wildflowers.

Thanks to Henry Nicholas, we have created a network of flower-rich pathways in Bristol, which will benefit pollinators, other wildlife and people.


Henry Nicholas, in partnership with GreenTheUK and BugLife, helped create wildflower rich pathways in Bristol, with planting projects at three restoration sites across the city – Pomphrey Hill, Siston Common and Warmley Forest Park.

For all the details of the wildflowers we helped sow click here

GreenTheUK and BugLife are striving to create insect super highways across the whole of the UK, allowing wildlife to move freely through both countryside and towns.