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There’s a lot to be said these days about the importance of values in hiring and recruiting. Candidates increasingly want to work with employers whose values match their own, whether that’s reflecting their commitment to sustainability, their stance on ethical and social issues, or their desire to give back to the community.

For employers looking to speak to that talent, it’s not always enough to assume candidates will see your values themselves. Working with a recruiter who understands the ethical ambitions of both candidates and clients can help you put your values front and centre, and bridge the gap to the talent you need to attract.

From recently securing B Corp accreditation, to our long history of environmental initiatives, charity work, and community engagement, we’ve been proud to set a positive example for generations of employers and candidates from day one.

Becoming a B Corp

Pursuing B Corp certification was always an easy decision to make.

Firstly, we saw it as a true demonstration of our commitment to international change, a chance to be part of a like-minded global community and use our organisation’s voice to promote accountability. But on a human scale, we also saw it as a sincere demonstration that we were founded as – and will always be – a business for good.

Achieving this certification was the result of a rigorous year-long assessment, which ensured that we meet the highest standards in social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. After working so hard on the application and assessment, seeing it pay off in becoming B Corp Certified means the world to our team.

In the words of our founder, John Austin, “Our culture has always been to put people first and understand our why before the what and how. Our why is to make things better for all parties connected with us, as well as our planet and community.”

Business that betters the future

At Henry Nicholas, we’re committed to doing business differently – and that means putting people and the planet before profit. We wholeheartedly believe that businesses have a duty to care for the world around them, and as such we donate a portion of each placement fee towards causes that build a better future.

As part of our mission to hit net zero by 2025, we also support a variety of environmental initiatives to promote biodiversity. These include partnering with GreenTheUK and Buglife and helping fund the restoration of 1.9 hectares of wildflowers which will provide insect pathways and promote wildlife diversity in urban settings. Our reach even extends to the next generation, with our commitment to fund a project to plant 100 trees in Bristol schools and provide an educational programme to teach students about woodland management and forestry skills.

Empowering employees to give back

To achieve B Corp accreditation, you can’t get away with only looking outwards. You need to be on top of your game for all of your Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) elements – and that means looking out for your employees as well.

For us, this starts by offering employees a share of our profits as part of their benefits, and realigning our wellness package to ensure we’re always taking care of our people.

At Henry Nicholas we also encourage employees to give back to the community, with 20 hours of volunteer time that can be dedicated to charities of their choice. As well as supporting individual initiatives, the team as a whole has partnered with Carers Support Centre, Bristol and South Gloucestershire to fundraise for local Young Carers.

With a goal of £3,500, our team have done their part and have a variety of fundraising events planned for the year – from competing in the London Marathon, Chippenham Half Marathon and Thornbury Ultra White Collar Boxing, to hosting a charity raffle event in central Bristol. Everything we raise from these events will go towards funding vital wellbeing sessions for the local Young Carers.

Leading by example

By taking conscious and active steps to raise the bar as a sustainable, responsible employer, we’ve been able to attract some of the industry’s best to our ranks. Each of our consultants is not just fully aligned with our mission, they’re also sector-specific experts in a wide range of specialised fields.

In addition to having specialised expertise in individual sectors, Henry Nicholas also has established teams for both the North and South of the UK. This allows us to offer more focused support for candidates and clients in northern cities like Manchester, Sheffield and Leeds as well as the southern network of cities surrounding Bristol, along the M4 corridor and London region.

It takes a specific touch to be able to connect the dots between employer and candidate in an increasingly complex world. There are the nuts and bolts of individual professions, of course – do they have the right tech stack knowledge for a CRM role, or the campaign experience a marketing role calls for?

But there’s also the personal element that comes from getting to know employers and candidates, and understanding what they both need in order to work well together in the long term.

It’s all about leading by example.

We’re proud of being an employer that fulfils its professional obligations to the highest standard while providing a fulfilling work environment for its employees, and take the same satisfaction in helping both employers and candidates find the same feeling.


Whether you’re trying to prove your commitment to making the world a better place, considering a new approach to charitable initiatives or dialling in your focus on employee wellbeing, we’re here to help you communicate it in the way you need to attract top talent. Get in touch with our team today to start the process!